Why do I need a branding guide?

Let me ask you a couple more questions? Has your logo ever printed, and it wasn’t quite right? Were your colors a shade too dark, too light or the wrong color altogether?! Were your Fonts the wrong ones complexly changing the fell of your Logos design?

Color, like most art is arbitrary. Your idea of light green may bring a mental picture of 100 different shades to 100 different people. Add to this, the fact that computer monitors, cell phone screens and laptops will all give you a different shade of this same green. Now compound that color is reproduced very different for print (CMYK) than for web (RGB). If you get into signage or cut vinyl color matching…another rabbit hole that I’ll tackle some other day.

Also type sets vary between computers. Some are proprietary, or very expensive to aquire without licensing,

Without providing a standard for colors and fonts, you maybe providing that “closest match” is ok. To avoid the delay of numerous revisions, or paying for the costly mistakes of misprints, the solution is provide your printer, apparel supplier, web designer, or sign maker a”Branding Guide.

Like your own personal marketing department, I will work with you to document your brand’s critical components. We will determine CMYK, RGB, and Pantone colors, so they reproduce consistently between web, print and apparel. We will specify your Font(s) and solidify the nuance of your unique Logo.

Special Flat rate of 250.00 is the only price you pay.